Consumers have a dizzying amount of coffee shop and cafe options today.  In fact, in the last five years, the US has seen a 2.4% growth in the number of coffee shops each year!  Choosing a memorable name that helps you stand out from the crowd—while representing your brand accurately— is one of the most important steps to opening a coffee business.  

However, with all the other items on your to-do list, coming up with a creative coffee shop name can feel daunting.  Luckily, online business name generators can help jumpstart your creativity.

The best coffee shop name combination generators online are

  1. Shopify Business Name Generator
  2. Wix Business Name Generator
  3. NameSnack
  4. Namelix
  5. Looka Business Name Generator
  6. TruIC Business Name Generator
  7. Fantasy Name Generator-Cafe Names

Shopify Business Name Generator 

Best Coffee Shop Name Combination Generator (With Examples!)

Shopify’s free name generator tool will take 1-2 keywords and pair them with randomized words at the beginning or end.  For example, when I typed in the keywords “coffee shop”, Shopify instantly produced a list of 100 possibilities.  

Some of the names Shopify generated made little sense, such as “Coffee Shop Razor”, “Coffee Shop Profits”, and “Coffee Shop Themes”.  However, others like “Surge Coffee Shop”, “Monument Coffee Shop”, and “Thrive Coffee Shop” are fun options that could kickstart your own creativity.

Although somewhat limited, Shopify’s generator is easy to use and will only show you names with available domains, saving you time while establishing your online presence.

Wix Business Name Generator

Wix is a popular website builder that offers a business name generator.  Typing your specific brand’s keywords and select “Coffee Shop” from their industry list options, and Wix will generate a slew of potential names.  

I wanted to see how Wix would do with an additional keyword, so I typed in “mountain coffee shop” and received a variety of options.  I noticed that while the generator incorporated the word mountain into the name, it didn’t do much to play off of the mountain theme.  

For example, one of the names was “Atlantis Mountain Coffee Shop”, which doesn’t make sense—since Atlantis is a mythical underwater kingdom!  However, Wix’s generator came up with several clever options.  Some favorites: “Vibrant Mountain Coffee Shop”, “Mountainside Coffee Shop”, and the simple, yet cozy: “Our Mountain Coffee Shop”. 

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NameSnack Business Name Generator

NameSnack is another great coffee business name generator.  NameSnack is free to use and will instantly provide you with a list of unique coffee shop names.  In addition to typing in your desired keywords, you can also select a category for your business to further personalize your search.  

For example, typing in “mountain coffee shop” in the keywords box and selecting “coffee” as the category came up with a long list of creative combinations.  I especially liked “Mountainside Grindz”, “The Mountain’s Edge”, and “Hilltop Espresso”.  

NameSnack also shows whether the domain name is available for purchase, and can help you create a customized logo for your coffee shop.  


Best Coffee Shop Name Combination Generator (With Examples!)

NameLix is a great name combination generator that gives you a variety of customization options.  For example, in addition to entering any brand keywords, you can further filter the results by selecting your desired “generation randomness”.  Selecting Low will give you more direct name ideas, Medium will give you balanced options with more creativity, and High gives you more random, varied results.  

In addition, NameLix allows you to choose from eight name styles, such as names with alternate spellings, names that are short phrases, or names composed of compound words.  

Entering the keywords “mountain coffee shop”, setting the randomness generator on low, and choosing “short phrase” under the name style came up with clever options, such as “Peak Up Coffee”, “Up Mountain Cafe”, and “Mountaineer Coffee Roasters”.  

When NameLix suggests results, they display the names as branded logo options.  The logos are colorful and varied. You can purchase these logos directly from NameLix, or simply use their ideas as a creative starting point.  

This generator also allows you to create an account and save the names you like.  When you save names, their algorithm will learn the names you prefer and give you better recommendations.  

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Looka Business Name Generator

Similar to NameLix, the Looka Business Name Generator has a number of filter options you can use to find the best name for your coffee shop.  Start by typing a keyword or industry into their search finder, choose the desired length of the name (up to 20 characters).   

If you’re having trouble thinking of the right keywords to describe your brand, Looka also offers a clickable list of abstract ideas that help their generators filter your results.  Their algorithms generate names in four categories: traditional words, invented words, multiwords, and compound words.  

Looka’s generator also checks for domain availability and social media handle availability.  When searching the keywords “mountain coffee shop” Looka came back with extensive lists organized by the four categories.  The invented names category had confusing results, like “Labity”, “Mallit”, and “CoStore”.  However, the other categories had promising possibilities such as: “Cuppa Altitude”, “HillsCafe”, and the very cute “Rocks & Beans”. 

Clicking on an option brings up another small screen where you can see a list of domain and social media availability, check out logo ideas, and even hear how to pronounce the name.  

TRUic Business Name Generator

TRUic (The Really Useful Information Company) is a comprehensive website dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start businesses.  In addition to a wide variety of business articles, ideas, and tools, TRUic’s website offers an excellent name combination generator.  

To use the free TRUic business name generator, enter at least two words associated with your coffee shop or that you want in your business name.  Then, add a location to help with local search discoverability.  If you’re targeting a national audience, you can easily skip the location step.  

TRUic then generates a list that incorporates your keywords, in addition to your location details.  For example, entering “mountain coffee shop” in Denver, Colorado came up with names like “Pikes Peak Coffee”, “Denver Coffee Roasters”, and “The Mountain Barista”.  Incorporating your location into your coffee shop name is a great way to connect with your customer base, and TRUic’s name generator comes up with many creative options. 

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Fantasy Name Generator Cafe Names
Best Coffee Shop Name Combination Generator (With Examples!)

While the Fantasy Name Generator website looks (and sounds) a bit less professional than many of the other sites on this list, this is a website devoted to name generation, with over 1,400 categories!  According to the website creator, the names on their cafe list are inspired by existing cafes around the world. 

The Fantasy Name Generator has a dedicated coffee shop name generator which produces ten names at a time.  The first five names are ones found or created by the website owner, in addition to the results of submissions from website users.  The second five names are more randomly generated. The first time I clicked on the generator, I got the following ten names:

  • Havana Java Cafeteria
  • High & Mighty Coffee 
  • Pestle & Mortar Tearoom
  • Ground Up Cafe
  • Hot & Steamy Bistro
  • Hazel Petal Coffee Bar
  • Cacao Snack Coffee Shop
  • Strange Boulder Coffee Bar
  • Rainforest Garden Coffee
  • Hazel Fountain Cafe

If you don’t like any of the names on the list, simply click again for ten new names.  This name generator doesn’t allow you to input keywords, so you aren’t able to customize.  However, I found some of the most creative names here, like  “Tall, Dark, and Coffee Diner”, “Brew Ha Ha Coffee Shop”, and “Java Nice Day Coffee Shop”.  

Even though this website doesn’t provide the customization possibilities that some of the other name generators offer, their highly unique choices will definitely guide you toward the right name for your coffee shop.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose the best name for my coffee shop from the generated options? 

The best name combination generators give you a multitude of options to choose from, but ultimately, you get to decide what name is right for your unique brand.  Reflect on your business: think about your company’s mission and values, geographic location, and the products you sell.  You can also see how your own name might tie in with these generated options.  Also, think about your target customer and what words or phrases might be most appealing to them.  

Are coffee shop name combination generators free? 

All the coffee shop name generators featured in this article are free to use.  Many offer options to purchase additional services, such as website building or logo design.  There are companies online that offer name generation for your business for a fee, but there’s no need to spend extra money when the best coffee shop name generators are free.  

Should I use my own name as my coffee shop business name?

Many entrepreneurs choose to name their coffee shops after themselves because they believe that it creates a personal connection with their customer base. However, if you’d like to incorporate your first or last name into your business, make sure it also communicates what you’re offering.

To learn more on how to start your own coffee shop checkout my startup documents here

Please note: This blog post is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a legal expert to address your specific needs.