On a rainy winter night in 1943, a group of cold, exhausted passengers was stranded at Foynes airport near Limerick, Ireland. A resourceful chef named Joe Sheridan made a steamy mug of goodness to help warm their bodies and lift their spirits. He served them a combination of whiskey and coffee and he dubbed this creation “Irish Coffee.”

Irish coffee has evolved quite a bit since then. But one thing remains the same—many of us still enjoy adding whiskey to our coffee. But what about those times when you crave that old familiar favorite without the extra effects whiskey can bring? Is there a tasty, alcohol-free option out there?

Jack Daniels Brand coffee is a whiskey-infused treat given to us through a partnership formed between Jack Daniels and World of Coffee. Made with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee whiskey and medium roasted Arabica beans, this tasty blend also has notes of caramel and vanilla. It is available in both regular and decaf varieties and at your disposal for those times when you crave an alcohol-free version of a delicious Irish coffee. 

You may remember a similar product released by Jack Daniels a few years back. Their original brew, discontinued in 2011, was made by adding whiskey flavor while grinding the beans. The blend available today infuses the beans with authentic Jack Daniels whiskey during the roasting process to better incorporate the bourbon flavor and also intensify the rich taste of the beans.

So, is this version worth a try? Can a nonalcoholic alternative match the Irish coffee taste we have grown to love? And, how did this partnership between Jack Daniels and World of Coffee come to be?

Jack Daniels and World of Coffee: Like-Minded Business Partners

Jack Daniels Brand Coffee: Everything You Need to Know

“Every day we make it, we make it the best we can.” Jack Daniels

This simple mantra has long been the guiding philosophy for Jack Daniels, America’s oldest registered distillery, based in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Their signature bourbon, Old No. 7, was first made in 1866 and little has changed since then. Through Prohibition and The Great Depression, along with their resulting supply shortages, and countless cultural shifts and fads from the 1960s through our modern era, the product has not veered from its original recipe.

World of Coffee is a custom specialty coffee roasting company from New Jersey, established in 1984 by Charles Newman. How did this unlikely business pair form such a great partnership?

The answer is clear—these two companies operate with the same guiding philosophy. Like Jack Daniels, the family-owned World of Coffee takes great pride in its products and workmanship. Their founding principle is that “quality and responsibility never go out of style.”  With strict quality standards, World of Coffee uses only the highest quality Arabica beans that are then roasted using their proprietary method. Their products are certified Kosher and, like Jack Daniels, everything they produce is made in the United States.

World of Coffee may be a young company in comparison to Jack Daniels. But both of these companies hold strong to the same core principles. When two such quality-conscious companies work together, good things happen. And, we get to try an exciting product like Jack Daniels coffee.

So, what are people saying about this blend? The reviews, like the combination of whiskey and coffee, are mixed. 

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Jack Daniels Coffee: The Yea’s 

Let’s face it. Coffee wouldn’t be coffee without that amazing coffee smell. And, based on the comments from an overwhelming majority of reviews, the aroma of Jack Daniels coffee does not disappoint.

Jack Daniels Brand Coffee: Everything You Need to Know

People describe this fragrance as sweet and satisfying, even somewhat sophisticated. The notes of caramel and vanilla are at the forefront, along with chocolatey undertones. And the fragrance of the oak barrel whiskey adds a comforting warmth without overpowering the coffee aroma.

As for the taste, this Jack Daniels brew has been described as rich, smooth, and subtle. Again, the caramel and vanilla notes are predominant with the whiskey bringing a subtle aftertaste. Even people who say they don’t normally drink black coffee claim that this coffee is delicious, even without adding cream and sugar.

Aside from the positive reviews about the taste and aroma, many consumers also mentioned the high-quality tin it is packaged in. In fact, some purchased the coffee for the tin alone.

Jack Daniels Coffee: The Nays

Several of the naysayers describe the coffee as much too sweet, both in taste and aroma. Others describe it as no different from any after-dinner coffee. Several described the coffee flavor as weak, watery, and lost in the taste of the caramel and whiskey. And, others described it as bitter or bland. 

The majority of the negative reviews had little to do with the coffee itself, though. Many felt that the product is just priced too high for the amount of coffee you get. 

And, there was another recurring comment among the negative reviews. Some purchasers simply didn’t understand the point. Whiskey-flavored coffee without any whiskey just didn’t appeal to them.

To that end, though, is that always a bad thing? Adding a bit of whiskey is an easy fix. But, the versatility of a bourbon-flavored alcohol-free drink has its advantages.

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And the Verdict Is…

It appears that the yea’s have it. By and large, people agree that this coffee is well worth trying. The average ratings, across multiple sites, range above 4 stars. A large majority consider Jack Daniels coffee to be flavorful, delicious, and easy to drink. Consumers love it for many reasons—a gift-giving occasion, an occasional afternoon treat, or a new staple in their home for any time they want coffee.

Where to Find Jack Daniels Brand Coffee

Now that your taste buds are awake and curious, you probably want to know where to get this tasty concoction. No worries. Regular or decaf, whatever your style, Jack Daniels coffee has you covered. You’ll find this coffee available in two sizes, an 8.8-ounce designer tin or a smaller, 1.5-ounce gift bag. 

Jack Daniels Brand Coffee: Everything You Need to Know

You can find Jack Daniels coffee on Amazon, as well as in some big box stores like Walmart, and a few local grocery stores. Or, you can order online from any of these specialty retailers:

The Best Way to Brew Jack Daniels Coffee

Jack Daniels recommends using 1 tablespoon of coffee for every 6 ounces of filtered water, ideally brewing in an automatic drip coffee maker or using a pour-over cup. Adjust these levels according to taste. And, of course, add cream and sugar if you normally do. 

So, this nonalcoholic brew isn’t quite the same as Joe Sheridan’s original concoction. But it does offer a tasty alternative. And, if a full-blown Irish coffee is your preference, just add some whiskey, sit back, and enjoy. 

Jack Daniels Brand Coffee Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jack Daniels coffee available in K-cups?

Jack Daniels coffee is only available ground, in the 8.8- and 1.5-ounce sizes. However, if K-cups are your style, you can always purchase a reusable K-cup filter.  These are a great option for use with any of your favorite ground coffees.

Should I invest in a pour-over coffee maker?

If you care to take the time to savor a cup of coffee, then, yes—a pour-over coffee maker is right for you. These appliances are inexpensive, generally less than the cost of an automatic drip coffee pot. And, a cup brewed with this technique will have a much smoother and more fully developed flavor. The biggest drawback to a pour-over coffee maker is the time involved. The brewing process for each cup can take as long as fifteen minutes.

Why are arabica beans important?

There are two major types of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta, with arabica considered to be much better quality. Arabica beans are naturally higher in sugar than the Robusta bean varieties, which gives them a better flavor profile and aroma as well as keeps them less bitter. Additionally, Arabica plants are self-pollinating. This leads to fewer mutations and a more consistent taste.

 Arabica beans also contain higher levels of the good-for-you compounds found in coffee—antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and niacin. Additionally, these beans have less caffeine than other varieties. But the bottom line is that Arabica beans just taste better.

Do flavored coffees have more calories?

Since the flavor added to coffee during the roasting process is from concentrated oils and natural sugars, these coffees have no additional calories. 
Interestingly enough, black coffee is definitely a low-calorie drink. But, contrary to popular opinion, it is not a zero-calorie drink. A cup of black coffee ranges from one to five calories depending on the beans, the depth of the roast, and the brewing method. A filtered drip brewing method, whether from a pour-over or automatic drip pot, will give you the lowest-calorie cup of coffee. 
And, even if you add a little cream and sugar, coffee is still a lower-calorie option than most other juices and soft drinks.

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