So you LOVE coffee, and you believe you know everything you need to open a coffee shop. Keep reading, and I will show you some of the must-have coffee business magazines. These magazines are full of useful information to help make the best of your up and coming coffee shop.

There are several must-have coffee shop business magazines. These include Roast, Fresh Cup, Caffeine, Barista, BeanScene, Standart, and Sprudge.

The internet can offer so much information. The one thing the internet cannot do is, sit on a coffee table, in a booth, or next to the cash register. Offering your customers a place to relax, enjoy their coffee and something to read.

Must-Have Coffee Shop Business Magazines

Coffee Shop Business Magazine Must-Haves

“ROAST Magazine”

A bi-monthly technical trade magazine dedicated to the success and growth of the specialty coffee industry. Roast addresses the art, science, and business of coffee by covering the issues most important to the industry, with high-quality editorial focused on the technical aspects of coffee.

A preview of this magazine was very informative. It covered so many topics from different types of coffee, such as Fair Trade and Single Origin Coffee, as well as the coffee crisis and techniques in coffee processing.

Roast is a must-have, and at $35.00 for a year subscription, it is well worth your investment and time.

“FRESH CUP Magazine”

“Fresh Cup Magazine” offers a section for new and upcoming ideas. One of the topics this month was researching the effects of CBD added to drinks. An interesting concept on its own, Fresh Cup’s article was very informative and written for the general public. Many times you see articles regarding researching anything, and the dialect and statistics are geared towards highly educated people making if difficult to understand, not Fresh Cup writers, they are artful in their words and descriptions while providing information for everyone.

A part of this magazine I found unique was their developed concept of helping new coffee shop business owners. They have a training course, Workshops, and Consultants to help the coffee entrepreneur make his dream a reality.

A deal at $48.00 for a year subscription, this magazine is delivered in six issues.

Must-Have Coffee Shop Business Magazines

“CAFFEINE Magazine” 

An award-winning European Magazine on the coffee business this magazine was a pleasure to read. I could almost smell the coffee. Articles in this magazine are rich with information on topics like coffee beans, European Coffee Roasters, developing your own brews, and more.

Another must-have, this magazine will cost you $59.73 or 55euro’s delivered six times a year.

“BeanScene Magazine” 

This magazine has so much to offer; some of the sections include: How To, Features, Coffee News, and Products.

The How To Section includes articles like “How to correctly tamper for the consistent espresso extraction” and “How do we taste coffee?”

With information like this, not only can you become an artful, consistent, and professional specialty drink crafter for coffee products, you can train employees in the same techniques for consistency.

The Features section includes a celebrity section and an Origins section. The Origins section provides information on the different origins of coffee beans.

In the Coffee News section, you will find information on anything that has an impact on coffee. From flooding to ruined crops and other events that affect coffee.

You can pick up this subscription for $85.00 a year, delivered six times a year.

Must-Have Coffee Shop Business Magazines

“BARRISTA Magazine” 

Barista is a leading trade magazine for coffee communities around the world.

A compelling read, this magazine offers articles written by coffee shop consultants, authors with different backgrounds from coffee to management, and a feature article in every issue. The writers are exceptional, and their pieces are informative, creative, and professional.

It is delivered six times a year for a $30.00 subscription.

Digital Must-Haves

“STANDART Magazine”

A magazine that is NOT your traditional coffee magazine, it offers many different types of articles on coffee as well as other topics. These topics range from music to industry and technology.

Each of these articles seems to highlight coffee in some way, either in your face or subtly.

Subscription pricing and offers are unique. You can get one issue for $20.00 plus shipping, four issues, four sample bags of coffee and free shipping for $80.00 or four issues plus four bags of coffee, free shipping, and one previous issue for $99.00.

Offering sample bags of coffee with your subscription, I found it to be a unique feature in a magazine subscription.

Many coffee magazines you will find in digital copies. Others you will find in digital copies only. Not hands-on for your customers, but a wealth of information for an up and coming coffee shop owner. I wanted to add two online versions of coffee magazines and a brief synopsis on them.

Must-Have Coffee Shop Business Magazines


This magazine is not a traditional coffee magazine. It features coffee in many different ways from, adding liqueur to coffee recipes to the technology of crafting the custom equipment used in making your favorite coffee or cold brew beverage.

Imbibe is an excellent magazine that is full of information on various ways to use coffee in hot and cold drinks—Offering recipes on drinks and pastry.

An easy read. The layout and information are eye-appealing and relative to the information provided.


An online magazine about coffee. With a multitude of articles written on types, origins, and how to’s. This magazine highlights bars in different areas of the country: offering tourists and locals insight on where to get the best cup of Joe.

I enjoyed the information provided, and I do love my coffee. However, there were too many ads on other unrelated topics for my liking. If I owned a coffee shop, I would have this in my arsenal for my personal growth, doing what I can to get my business listed as a goal.


I liked this online magazine a lot. It offered so much information on coffee, coffee vendors, and the newest technology.

With so many issues, due to the online version, it was easy to find issues from current to 2019 on the first page.

Even though I have been stressing the importance and value of physical magazines,  I do believe that this online magazine is an excellent resource for your business.

Must-Have Coffee Shop Business Magazines

The Why and What for of physical magazines

It’s the digital age, and we are surrounded by everything digital. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back in time and be able to relax, read about your favorite topic, “Coffee” and not have to squint from the glare on the screen?

Think about how it makes you feel when you walk into a coffee shop.  That first whiff of coffee that takes over your senses, the peaceful atmosphere, the comfortable corner nooks, and the pastries. What’s missing?

A magazine, the way the glossy paper feels as you flip through, the information it provides from knowledge on Coffee to quirky clips and recipes. Now your coffee shop experience is complete.

Having subscriptions to must-have magazines, laying on the table in the comfortable nook will offer your customers just that.

Must-Have Coffee Shop Business Magazines

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a subscription to a coffee shop magazine tell me how to open my business?

No. A subscription to your typical coffee shop magazine will not be able to provide you with all the information you will need to open a coffee shop.
What these magazines can do is keep you informed on the different types of coffee, the newest drinks made from coffee and offer you ideas while reading on the things you may want to implement for your coffee shop.
To properly open a coffee shop business, you will need ideas, such as those that come from these magazines, as well as professional and legal advice, documents, and help.

Is opening a coffee shop profitable?

There is no definite answer to questions like these. Simply a coffee shop CAN be VERY profitable. All of this will depend on your location, what you offer, pricing, which makes YOU UNIQUE from all the other coffee shops, and more.

How can I make my coffee shop stand out?

Many different things can help your business stand out from all the others. To learn about mistakes to avoid click here! 
Advertising is the most significant source for any business, make sure that when you advertise it stands out, you are placing flyers of your grand opening in all the local establishments and billboards that will let you.
Try open mic days/nights. A feature like this, gives local musicians, poets, up and coming book writers, and even magicians a place to entertain. They will offer customers a place to enjoy live music, original compositions of poetry and books possible spine-tingling performances of many different kinds. By doing this, you reach an even more significant customer base. The performers will be bringing in their family and friends, making word of mouth spread even farther.

To learn more on how to start your own coffee shop checkout my startup documents here

Please note: This blog post is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a legal expert to address your specific needs.